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Has never been an Issue for me. I'm beyond that nonsense. I am a Lover of Trey and thats all that matters. However I don't have any issues with whom my followers choose to support. At the End of the Day is All Love and as Trey has stated before which is now my Motto--------->*Spread The L?v*.......#BeBlessed

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On: Nov 26, 2011

Yuuup! Had me very Emotional ?

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On: Nov 26, 2011

Welcome fellow angel follow @1SocialBFly....will follow back....#beblessed

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On: Nov 25, 2011

Truly Agree.....I see we still have a long way to go. I will reiterate again whatever Trey does or whomever he's with in his personal life is none of my business. Some of us really need to mature. We must REPRESENT Trey with Positivity and Most Importantly Respect.

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On: Nov 25, 2011

@1SocialBFly....will follow back....#angelove

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On: Nov 25, 2011
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I am God Fearing,Fun Loving and Independent. I Never Take Things for Granted and Always Give Thanks for the Many Blessings I Receive. I am a Proud Mom of 2 Children Whom I Give My All to and it Shows. I enjoy spending time with Family and Love to Travel. The one thing I Continuously Do is remain Humble. It is Truly the Best Policy for Me. I have been told that I am Truly a Trey's Angel and I have to Agree. I have listened to Trey since Trey Day and Gotta Make It.....I've always Prayed that He Would Go Far and He has.....So I Will Continue to Do All I can to Show Much Love and Support for Trey! My Angel #NN represents Everlasting and I returned to Twitter because I L♥v and Adore Trey that Much!!!!!! TREYS #TIMELESSANGEL
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@1SocialBFly #TimelessAngel
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