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Has never been an Issue for me. I'm beyond that nonsense. I am a Lover of Trey and thats all that matters. However I don't have any issues with whom my followers choose to support. At the End of the Day is All Love and as Trey has stated before which is now my Motto--------->*Spread The L?v*.......#BeBlessed

@1SocialBFly via twitter

Replied To: Trey's Angels vs. Team Breezy (Forum topic)
On: Nov 26, 2011

Yuuup! Had me very Emotional ?

Replied To: Live Concert (Forum topic)
On: Nov 26, 2011

Great Idea would definitely be a memorable keepsake.

Replied To: DVD/ TV Concert Special (Forum topic)
On: Nov 26, 2011

@1SocialBFly via twitter....will follow back :)

Replied To: #FollowBack (Forum topic)
On: Nov 25, 2011

Welcome fellow angel follow @1SocialBFly....will follow back....#beblessed

Replied To: newbie angel (Forum topic)
On: Nov 25, 2011
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1SocialBFly TimelessAngel
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I am God Fearing,Fun Loving and Independent. I Never Take Things for Granted and Always Give Thanks for the Many Blessings I Receive. I am a Proud Mom of 2 Children Whom I Give My All to and it Shows. I enjoy spending time with Family and Love to Travel. The one thing I Continuously Do is remain Humble. It is Truly the Best Policy for Me. I have been told that I am Truly a Trey's Angel and I have to Agree. I have listened to Trey since Trey Day and Gotta Make It.....I've always Prayed that He Would Go Far and He has.....So I Will Continue to Do All I can to Show Much Love and Support for Trey! My Angel #NN represents Everlasting and I returned to Twitter because I L♥v and Adore Trey that Much!!!!!! TREYS #TIMELESSANGEL
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@1SocialBFly #TimelessAngel
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