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They did not show the Video till almost the last 3 videos so i had to watch the whole show , but it was worth it !!!!!!!!!!!

On: Feb 15, 2013

My Simple Amazing Valentines Day would be just be hanging out with the ones i love which would be my husband and son watching movies cooking dinner together and showing each other how much we care and love each other

On: Feb 15, 2013

i would offer him something to drink , and talk i would not care what i looked like because i dont want to come off fake i would act like if he was anybody coming to my house lol

On: Jun 22, 2010

it can happend but you wont be able to see him as TREY SONGZ the singer u would have to talk to him and meet as u would someone off the street ,thats the only way i think that could happen

On: Jun 22, 2010
On: Jun 07, 2010
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