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A Simply Amazing valentines would just be to simply have my marine home. last year we split vday night basically and im sure it was bcuz of me taking 5mins to run out and tell my bestfriend happy birthday since we usually spend it together.(&they dont care for each other much) So now i dont care for vday much and this vday my bf is gone doesnt get back till March 1st also missing his 21st bday &me&my bestie stop being friends for a year but just got bk in touch bcuz he is getting deployed right now actually.So the best vday i could have is just to have my hun home so we can get married and my ex bestie to be bk home w/his fiance&his kids.Just having the military men back home with their families would be the perfect vday for me ._.

On: Feb 14, 2013
On: Feb 14, 2011
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