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I got mine but my tshirt size is outta stock! cant wait for it to come though!xx

On: Apr 02, 2012


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On: Feb 21, 2012
Replied To: Trey- Lounging Around (Blog)
On: Feb 19, 2012

Reppin the UK Angels .. @alexandraSONGZx

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On: Feb 12, 2012

does everybody get an angel pin whether you get the platinum or just the normal angels membership? xx

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On: Jan 13, 2012
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Alexandra Allen
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Hey Mamacitass I'm Alexandra (Alex for short) 19 from Liverpool UK! Add me on facebook - Alexandra Allen And Twitterrr - @alexandraSONGZx (gotta love mr neverson) I'm a fellow TreysAngel LOVE thatt .. The rest you gotta find out for yourselffff baby.. Muah xx
Top Of The World
United Kingdom
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