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On: Dec 01, 2011
On: Jun 30, 2011

@AieshaIsHere :)

On: May 02, 2011

I was at HMV Apollo when he was apparently kissing those girls. I was in the front row and i must admit it did look like he was killing the girls, but according to TreyAngels who were backstage.. it was planned and he actually didn't kiss them! He picked them before the show and everything, so it was staged!

On: May 02, 2011
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Aiesha (TalkativeAngel)
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I LOVE TREY. ♥ Just had to state that first and that my name is Aiesha. :) I love talking in general and about TREY. I've loved Mr Neverson since i heard his first album: 'I Gotta Make It'. I love the soulfulness to his voice and the way he articulates himself. He understands that, us, the angels have mad love for him; he acknowledges it. His smile is one of the cutest things about him - he has a nice genuine smile & pearly white teeth. :) I love the fact that when i listen to his music, well certain songs it makes me wanna cry because of the emotion i hear him exerting from his voice. If anyone tries to insult Trey, i'll tell them straight: "Keep your opinions to yourself unless it's true". I know that i love Tremaine Aldon Neverson because when i'm upset, i instantly listen to his music to cheer myself up before i do anything else. Trey is just an amazing guy, what else can i say? :) *Daydreams about him* OfficialAngelNN: #TalkativeAngel - I'm kinda a new angel so talk to me. :)
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