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Aiesha (TalkativeAngel)
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I LOVE TREY. ♥ Just had to state that first and that my name is Aiesha. :) I love talking in general and about TREY. I've loved Mr Neverson since i heard his first album: 'I Gotta Make It'. I love the soulfulness to his voice and the way he articulates himself. He understands that, us, the angels have mad love for him; he acknowledges it. His smile is one of the cutest things about him - he has a nice genuine smile & pearly white teeth. :) I love the fact that when i listen to his music, well certain songs it makes me wanna cry because of the emotion i hear him exerting from his voice. If anyone tries to insult Trey, i'll tell them straight: "Keep your opinions to yourself unless it's true". I know that i love Tremaine Aldon Neverson because when i'm upset, i instantly listen to his music to cheer myself up before i do anything else. Trey is just an amazing guy, what else can i say? :) *Daydreams about him* OfficialAngelNN: #TalkativeAngel - I'm kinda a new angel so talk to me. :)
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hey your a UK angel too
did you go to any of the concerts
and do you follow @treysongzukfans on twitter they have a list of all UK angels
we've organised international angel with hearts days etc its always wonderful to have more ppl to join :-)