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To Whom It May Concern I am a HUGE fan of trey songz his humbleness really inspires me aside from his music i been rockin wit him since 'Just Gotta make It'. Lol. I am Also gettin a career in Modeling i have my very 1st photo shoot in like a week or two for a fashion magazine so im exited about that and happy that god blessed me like he did. I am persuing a Career in Acting but i am a dancer Before everything. I've been dancin in since the Harlem Shake First came out as far as i can remember lol. I have always been a great writer from narritive stories to poetry, i have ALWAY written EXELENT WRITTING. (Just another gift god blessed me wit) Just A few days ago found i found out that i can write music as well but i dont wanna rush to any conclutions lol i want second oppinions lol. Although i dont have a voice likeTrey Songz, i can sing and im always practicing. I will record one of the songs i wrote and post it if i can.