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On: Oct 19, 2009
Replied To: Trey's Next Single Announced! (Blog)
On: Oct 05, 2009
Replied To: Tatt'd Up Spotlight with Trey (Blog)
On: Sep 28, 2009

It is so hard to name jus 1, but I will say" Wonder Woman". It gives props to us woman jus doin da damn thing, and are good women.

Replied To: ANTICIPATION!!!! (Forum topic)
On: Jul 25, 2009

Off the Anticipation album- Scratchin' me up, More than that, on top. I also love sex 4 ya stereo,long gone missing, last time, store run, missin' you and role play. I Love I'm da man feat. Plies. Anything Trey does is hot!

Replied To: what is your favorite song of trey's? (Forum topic)
On: Jul 25, 2009
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