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Cause You not And Angel..

Replied To: Pics (Forum topic)
On: Oct 22, 2011

Oh Gosh, @Tricia you really do not like Drake, hun.?
But What was this girls purpose. She spent like 15 minutes I know creating an account, making a discussion and then thinking of this BS... Girl you need to get together. For Real.!

Replied To: TREY SONGZ vs J.Cole (Forum topic)
On: Oct 21, 2011

Ummm Well.. Im glad your opinions are being told but Im happy that most of you would still support him.:)))
And Im glad to announce Trey is Not Gay..(To My knowledge.)

Replied To: What would you do if..... (Forum topic)
On: Oct 21, 2011

Aww. Thanks..It was my first.:)

Replied To: Red Lipstick prt 7 (final) (Forum topic)
On: Jul 30, 2011

Im sorry...The ending will be up at like 5..I hope..

Replied To: Red Lipstck Part-6 (Forum topic)
On: Jul 30, 2011
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