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September 24

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  • Meddlesome Trey

    ‘Another rainy day’, I thought to myself. I was slightly bored and I just didn't enjoy my own company this particular day.

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December 28

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October 22

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  • Role Play



    The clock outside the window struck the 4 and showed that it was 4 AM. The room was dark and cold. Tamera had blown out the candles over 3o minutes ago.

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September 13

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  • Why Do some of you people Get So Offened When other People Spell his NAme Wrong... Ha.. YAll Are Halirous.. I understand That Isnt his Name But Yall Be Goin Off On Twitter Like

     "Who Is Trey Song?"

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July 30

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    Trey could tell by Kelsey’s groans and moans it felt good, but her bra was just kept getting in the way.  So Trey unhooked the bra strap and let the sides lay on the ground.

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July 29

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  • When Trey came out of the restroom Kelsey was off into space.  So when he said “Man, you are a punk.” Kelsey wasn't only startled by the content of what he said but by his voice too.

    “Sorry but you

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  • Taylor and Kelsey walked to the car and Kelsey drove. Kelsey arrived back at Kelsey’s home in about 30 minutes.

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July 28

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