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Trey Gone International And That Calls For More Concerts Around The World...Also More Live Interviews :)

Replied To: We Want to Hear from You! (Forum topic)
On: Jul 23, 2010

U know what what you just said is 100 per cent true but trey knows it and he plays his cards very at interview when they say would u date your fans nigger doesnt say no he gives girls some sort of hope... believe dat...yea he loves his fan course thats how his making his money...but on the other hand as humans we are allowed to fantasies and dream...

Replied To: Real Talk.... (Forum topic)
On: Jul 22, 2010

see i cant see trey dating a women in the music the nigga likes his east african women.. Ethiopian women the last to girl helen and lola lov were both Ethiopian...And dont forget he like a woman whoz got a big bum

Replied To: Who can you see Trey dating? (Forum topic)
On: Jul 22, 2010

I Would Say No But People Say Love Realli Come After Marriage...And Also You Never No Some One Till You Have Moved Into together Or Are Married Sooo Yeaa...But Hell No

On: Jul 20, 2010

Black Roses...

On: Jul 20, 2010
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