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Black Roses That Song Is Amazing But Deepending on What Mood I am In One Of His Songs Helps Me Get Through IT For Example When Im Feeling sexualll It Has To Be Sex For The Stereo...When Im Like Active Already Taken The Beat Hypes You Up...When Im Thinking About People In Need Like Poverty Stricken Or Are In War Yo Side Of The Bed...etc... Plus For Some Weird Reason I Have Last Time On Repeat Like All The Time Now

On: Jul 20, 2010

Back to My House To Play x-box and Wiii And Get Like Chinese Take Out..Get To Know Each Other Watch Movies...By Then He Will Get The Picture That Even Though I love Him, Im Not Gonna Give Up My Virginity For A One Night Stand If He Understands We Can Cuddle Up All Night In My Bed...And Dont Get Me Wrong We Can Play But Im Just Not Gonna Go The Full Way :)

On: Jul 20, 2010

Ok well i have to hand it to the guy he is might fine and his very talented guy but one thing that has me head over heels when it comes to trey is when he is talking if he is on stage or in and interview etc... his dialect, the way he is well spoken and the way he comes across when talking, the wai he holds himself up and the tone of his voice is different depending to who he is talking to and what audience the interview is aimed at...he uses a wide range of vocabulary and every time he talks he seems to amaze me :)

Replied To: What attracts you to Trey the most ? (Forum topic)
On: Jul 20, 2010

Hey Girls All Our Life We Have Been Told For People To Give You Respect You Have to Respect Your Selves... If You Did Get The Offer To Sleep With Him On The First Night Or Any Otha Guy Say No... Because Will Keep Coming Back For More As You Neva Gave Him Nothing On The First Night And That Way You Will Get To Know Each Other And When You Ready Remember Once You Pop It You Can Never Get It Back So Make It Something Worth Your While As Well As His...Plus When He Wakes Up The Next Morning He Will Remember Your Name...Girls Im 22 And I Haven't Lost My Virginity To Guys I've Meet Or Started Dating And They Respect Me More Then A One Night Stand...Theirs Been Guys I Have dated For a Long Period Of Time Which I Neva Slept With And Now When I Think About Them I Cringe And Im Like Seriously I Dated Some One Like That Imagine I Lost My Virginity...Also Dont Be Fooled By Relationships Because Some Guys Say Anything And Everything To Get Into Your French Knickers i.e I Love You.....

On: Jul 20, 2010
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