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i tried to vote but no results came up will try again

On: Apr 21, 2012

i havne't met trey as yet and i wont give up wether people make comments ot not keep ur dreams alive if its mean't to be u will meet him if it takes 10 years i know imma meet tremaine neverson one day thats gonna be tha best day of my life yet

On: Apr 21, 2012

I have never meet Trey and more than likely never will because I am a single mother with a house note to take of. My child is number 1 on my list after God. I don't have the funds to pay $500 plus to meet Trey. If it is meant for me to meet Trey it will happen. If I never do it is cool because I know that Trey loves all of his Angels and fans and understands that not all of us can come to every show. But he loves us all the same! And yes I have came across people who have meet him many times that makes me feel kind of bad. I just delete them from my Facebook twitter or what ever. I may never meet any of the Angels but I have respect for all of you and I am happy for the ones who have meet Trey and hope that the ones who have not gotten the chance will one day.

On: Apr 21, 2012

love Trey ready for this new album!!!

On: Apr 21, 2012

Voted. I hope your mom wins :)

On: Apr 21, 2012

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