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Look just let it go! I am one of Trey's loyal Angels. It makes me mad but I have came to realize that there is nothing I can do about the fake uncaring Angels. We have to pray for Trey and ask God to keep those kind of people away from Trey! I really believe that God answer prayers from the heart and when all of us pray for Trey God hears and keep those kind of people from Trey. What God has for Trey no man can take it away. I have never meet Trey but I have much respect for him his music and what he stands for. Do not say nothing to people like that cause i feel they do it for the attention. I am not going to lie sometime I see things and flip out. Because I think that it is wrong. Just my thought.

Replied To: BlOWN & IRRITATED . ()
On: Apr 05, 2012

@cutiepie28 - Hey! I'm doing good. How have you been? Girl believe me when I say I'm working on it. There actually is a very good reason why its taking so long and I don't want to speak on it prematurely. But if you guys just hang in there with me I got you. And it makes me smile to know how you guys look forward to my Trey stories so stalk away! Lol

On: Apr 05, 2012

so everytime I read this I get excited when I see #ChapterV preorder!!!!!!!

On: Apr 05, 2012

i'm down for where ever yall go just keep me posted with the ideas

Replied To: Angel Retreat ()
On: Apr 05, 2012

@TreyLuvsTiara.....I'lll love to follow yall back

On: Apr 05, 2012

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