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CONGRATULATIONS TREY!!!!!!! I'm so excited for u. I had this song on repeat all night after I purchased it. I was thinking about the concept for the video. I see an older woman younger man theme. Someone like Lisa Raye or Nicole Arie Parker as the older woman. The two of you meet at a industry function and the chemistry starts to flow. She's just looking for a little fun, but you fall for her deep. After awhile, she starts feeling the same, but know there's a problem. The problem is your mother (who should play herself) aint feeling it at all when you introduce them, which causes you to have an "Heart Attack". You're torn between the the woman who is the love of your life, and the woman you will give your life for. Let me know what you think

On: Mar 27, 2012

Well done #TeamSongz & #TreysAngels :)

On: Mar 27, 2012

Hello That would be nice I think Jamaica or Bahamas. I heard that Hawaii is very exspense also. or some where in the states.

Replied To: Angel Retreat (Forum topic)
On: Mar 27, 2012

@Charlie_Monae please#treysangels so I can follow back LETS GO ANGELS!!!!!!

On: Mar 27, 2012

Yes yes we should tht is a great idea nd yes I do have a twitter @Charlie_Monae nd I'm glad to knw tht I'm not the only angel tht fell this way but yes yes please follow me on twitter please I really want to get to knw my darling angels

Replied To: Getting to know my fellow angels (Forum topic)
On: Mar 27, 2012

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