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girl who u tellin im tryin to get a follow from him too shid im @LovelyTreyAngel follow me we gonna make this happen

Replied To: Trey Follow Me ()
On: Apr 19, 2012

Let they ass hate shit u are a trey angels and plus it shows u r a huge fan trey goes hard for us so why not show ur love back i thought about gettin one too but ill have to wait till i have my lil man first so let them talk shit all they wont they just some haters ........and the tatoo is banging girl

On: Apr 19, 2012

girl for the ones who havent meet him we all feel this way if i find out ne thang ill let u kno

Replied To: HELP ME MEET TREY:( ()
On: Apr 19, 2012

already did lets get it angels we gotta make this happen

On: Apr 19, 2012

ikr i been waiting on the day i get to meet him i kno its gonna happen much as i dream about it better happen lol but other angels u r not alone we should come up wit a contest or something wat yall think

On: Apr 19, 2012

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