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You know one thing I can say about Trey is that he is always consistent in everything he does as an artist. He always had a good view on his career and what he wants in it. I love how he loves us(his fans) and how he actually cares. I'm so proud of Trey and his growth as a man and in his career. He is simply beautiful and humble.

I love the interview and his views on the issues in our society today.

Simply said..... I LOVE Trey! :) #dedicatedangel

On: Apr 02, 2012

Ok we will plan for summer 2013.... Now to figure out a budget... and then where to go and how long to stay or do you guys want to go on a cruise? I'm open to all ideas :-)

Replied To: Angel Retreat ()
On: Apr 02, 2012

@NurturingAngel-- happy to be an Angel.I will follow back

On: Apr 02, 2012

love the single can't wait for chapterV got the bundle its cute my fav color perfect if they didn't send me an email saying it was on back order :(

On: Apr 02, 2012

this story is too much for me i need some more!!!!

Replied To: The Stalker Diaries 2 ()
On: Apr 02, 2012

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