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RIP Danielle. This was so touching an amazing. I didn't have a chance to know you but I can tell you had a heart of gold. You will be missed angel sister. Now spread your beautiful wings & fly

Replied To: In Loving Memory... (Blog)
On: Apr 25, 2012

I am voting right now

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On: Apr 25, 2012

Entry 79 cont'd
She posted several pics of us while we'd been going from club to club looking for Trey. There was also a pic of a couple who were exiting a club together. There were a lot of people around them, but you could still make out their heads from behind. There was a circle around the two with a caption that read, Jasmine and Trey.
That's when it dawned on me that Jasmine is Nosey Ms. Rosey's source. She has to be. How else is she able to get so much personal information about all of us, and yet, know how to put just the right spin on things to suit her own twisted point of view?
I told Daddy to ask his P I guy to look for a connection between Jasmine and the little girl in Mississippi. I know that I'm not wrong about this.
Meanwhile, I went to Jasmine's video blog and I saw exactly what Tiffany had meant when she'd said it was creepy.
There was Jasmine, all dolled up in a coke induced sort of way. Her hair was mussed up and her makeup looked faded out. Her eyes were damn near popping out of her head, they were open so wide. She had this Joker - style grin on her face, and she spoke as if she were halfway in a trance.
She sighed as she described what had been the best sex she'd ever had. She kept saying that it had been even better than before, and that she was looking forward to going another round as soon as her partner awoke.
"Shhh! Look..." Jasmine held a finger up to her lips and beckoned to the camera as if to say, 'follow me." She turned the camera towards the background, and there you could see a male figure as he lay sleeping.
I gasped as I recognized Trey's form on the bed. I know my man anywhere, and yes, that was definitely him in that bed.
She zoomed the focus in closer for a better look at him, but thankfully, she didn't let the camera show his face. I'm glad she had the decency to cover him up too, but his arm was showing, and there was no mistaking the tattoo that showed.
"There goes my baby..." Jasmine sang and grinned maniacally.

Replied To: The Stalker Diaries 2 (Forum topic)
On: Apr 25, 2012

Can't wait

On: Apr 25, 2012

RIP Danielle. You've got your real set of wings now!

Replied To: In Loving Memory... (Blog)
On: Apr 25, 2012

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