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The only issue with the angles only concert is the location. He cant have an angels only concert in one city because he has fans across the country. I do agree with some of the girls when they said everyone can not afford to be an angel and should not be excluded for that reason. That is why I say create a simple idea that involves an appearance from Trey that would be exclusive to his angels not an entire concert!!! Of course I would love that but I am considering both sides!!!

On: Mar 04, 2012

I think Trey should have something for maybe not an entire tour because that is ALOT but definitely something. I recently went to the concert at MSG in NYC and I am already pass due for another trey songz appearance lol. He should rest up and come back. Host a party, a show, a contest for lunch, or something!!! Im down!!!

On: Mar 04, 2012


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On: Mar 04, 2012

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