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Replied To: Valentine's Day Contest Winner (Blog)
On: Feb 27, 2012


Replied To: Angels on Twitter... ()
On: Feb 27, 2012

i posted this in another thread but here:

*New charms for bracelets(not to mention charms that won't fade.(i'll get into that on another post)

*More tees/tanks, shorts, leggings/sweatpants, and track suits(customized or specific theme) like the ones in the love faces bundle(individualized or bundled)

*Exclusive pictures, calendars, stickers, and dvds(concert performances,a day in the life series,meet and greets/AWHF missions)*everybody doesn't get to attend these events,just saying*

*More hoodies in a variety of colors and styles

*Jewelry(costume,gold, or silver) - angel wing necklaces, themed(song title items,music notes,etc) or customizable necklaces/bracelets/rings/earrings/body(ex:name plate jewelry - SONGZ, your angel nickname, Passion, Trigga)

*Laptop, phone, ipod skins/cases

*flip flops and house slippers

*Backpacks and drawstring bags


These are a few things going through my mind right now. May post more!

@LasheznLipstick on twitter

On: Feb 27, 2012

Thanks for the interest ladies. I was thinking of doing an electronic group card or maybe have everyone send a card or whatever. Hopefully it works out.

On: Feb 27, 2012

im down just keep informed

On: Feb 27, 2012

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