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Trey follows me but I hardly ever tweet him anything. It would be nice if he DM me. :)

On: Mar 05, 2012

ifallenAngel_ Follow & hastag it #AngelLove #Whoop

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On: Mar 05, 2012

Sometimes I think I'm a bit obsessed myself. I mainly come on here though for my Trey fix. I'm not a big fan of Twitter but I do check to see if Trey tweeted something. I don't go on MTO, they are bit too negative when it comes to Trey. I do go to other blogs/sites for my daily entertainment but on average they don't feature much on Trey. I have Anticipation 2 on repeat at work. I don't listen to Trey much when I am home. Sometimes when I'm traveling to and from work i'll listen to a mix of his music.

On: Mar 05, 2012

Hi girl! Welcome! I'm Nicole! @ifallenAngel_ I'll follow you on twitter! :-)

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On: Mar 05, 2012

I'm kinda like that...except my time online is split between Trey & Jeezy! It's madness though because I went to the LA show and after I could'nt get enough of Trey, so I've been on Ustream, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook basically stalking his! Madness, I tell you!

On: Mar 05, 2012

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