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On: Mar 05, 2012

"i feel u on tha angels shouldn't have to pay tha much yes but at tha same time he's worth it plus im sure people from all over tha world have met trey for free he has even meet people and surprise them with gifts i soo wanna meet trey i can't afford tha meet and greet what can i do i wont fuss i will just wait for my opportunity to present it self by faith and believe i know i will meet trey songz one day meet and greet wether i pay or not i will thats just my thought to tha whole situation"

I will agree that if it's God's will you will get an opportunity to meet Trey. I've mentioned it before I was blessed with the chance to take a group photo with him and that was totally unexpected. So with that said we really don't know what God has in store for us, we just may get that unexpected opportunity.

On: Mar 05, 2012

"I understand where all of the angels are coming from. Maybe calling it a tour was a tad bit extreme. But, I just think there needs to be more M&G (Meet and greets) that's free for his angels because all of his angels can't afford to pay $500 to see him in VIP. That's all. I totally understand where all of the angels are coming from. Maybe he can have a lunch with us or do a community service project with his angels. That's all I want. Some Trey time for us angels"

I'm sure when Chapter 5 comes out there will be skip the line opportunities to meet him. I know during this tour he has done a lot of meet and greets through the different radio stations.

On: Mar 05, 2012

Trey follows me but I hardly ever tweet him anything. It would be nice if he DM me. :)

On: Mar 05, 2012

ifallenAngel_ Follow & hastag it #AngelLove #Whoop

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On: Mar 05, 2012

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