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ok i will girl i would die if he DM me...i dont know why i didnt ask him when i meet him to follow me but i just wasnt thinking about twitter when i was right in front of him you know. but thanks for the advise hun.

On: Mar 05, 2012

I would love to help some my email is

On: Mar 05, 2012

Girl trey followed me unexpectedly i been following trey for years and he never followed me i always tweet trey when i get on twitter like sayin gm or sayin something positive or ill say if it takes 10 years for trey to acknowledge me he will still no reply i was frustrated lol i get sad cuz i see he rt ppl or tweet them i used to be like when am i gonna get tha feelin then i will never forget tha day b4 valentines i tweetd trey will u be my valentine lol then on valentines day i got a MESSAAGE from trey i was like wtf lol and started actin crazy i was like u followed me he was like yhup u can't do nothing for him to follow u he does follow backs off his own he does it unexpectedly but i hope he will follow u cause u met him b4 also so u have a chance just tweet him man i go hard for trey thats what he told me i even screen shot out chat posted it on twitter cuz alot of ppl was like trey didn't dm me so i posted tha picks for them to see ;)

On: Mar 05, 2012


On: Mar 05, 2012

Girl u alreadi know ur not i am single and i feel like i am in a relationship with trey songz if u was around me u would see every single thing i do i say everything i own involves trey songz first thin when i go on twitter i check treys page then i come on here then my obsession with all tha other websites watchinh his videos googling picks doin all sort a shyt at times i think its outta control but what can i do i so wish trey was mine lol tha day when trey followed me and talk to me on twitter changed my whole life its gonna change even more when i meet him omg i need help seriously lol -_-

On: Mar 04, 2012

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