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I'm sure those ladies were probably nervous. I didn't say anything to him either. I honestly wouldn't know what to say. I know if I was with one of my friends she would put me on blast. LOL I'm glad you got three photos. That was nice. @CassyAthena

On: Feb 29, 2012

You'll have a blast! The one thing I noticed was a lot of girls went in there and didn't make eye contact or didn't talk. I talked to him for a while lol. What you have to do is just look at him as a regular person. He gets shy too so Don't be shy to talk to him. Also I would kind of think of what u want to tell him. Not word for word, but if there's anything you've eve wanted to ask or tell him, just think about it do you're not speechless lol. And last thing is, tell the girl taking ur pic to take another one. No matter if u think the first pic is perfect, take another picture. Lol And have fun!! Share ur pics with us :)

On: Feb 29, 2012

where r u sitting

On: Feb 29, 2012
Replied To: Trey On the Air (Blog)
On: Feb 29, 2012

Welcome Angel

Replied To: New Angel, Whooot ()
On: Feb 29, 2012

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