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hey welcome 2 the fam hun follow me and i will def follow back @Ms_Neek19

Replied To: new bird . ()
On: Mar 05, 2012

welcome to the fam love

On: Mar 05, 2012

awwwh no problem hun for real cause once u met him he's likely to follow u hope u get a follow back hun u deserve it but u was caught up in tha moment u wasn't thinkin about twiter daym u infront of trey songz who tha hell gonna think about twitter lol

On: Mar 05, 2012

I Would Love to help also my email add is

On: Mar 05, 2012

ok i will girl i would die if he DM me...i dont know why i didnt ask him when i meet him to follow me but i just wasnt thinking about twitter when i was right in front of him you know. but thanks for the advise hun.

On: Mar 05, 2012

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