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Entry 78 cont'd
It was beginning to get crowded on the front lawn. The police were there, another ambulance showed up, neighbors were coming over, and an animal control unit was there. I really wanted to get the hell out of there and go with Trey. He was refusing to go because he still wanted to find Kenny.
At the moment, I didn't see Kenny and I didn't know if he'd been rescued yet. I asked Chrissy about it. She told me that he hadn't come out of the house yet. She wanted me to be checked out by a medic, but I told her that I was okay. I had a few scrapes, but nothing life threatening. There was a nick on my shoulder from Jasmine's attempt to stab me, but it wasn't that serious.
All of a sudden, Kenny's brother ran out of the house. He shouted for someone to help him. He was saying that Kenny was trapped in a room upstairs.
A police officer tried to get him under control. Charles went over to help explain things to the police. The whole scene was chaotic.
One officer demanded to know who the property owner was. None of us knew, so we all indicated Mel and Jasmine.
Mel looked like a chicken with his head cut off. He couldn't decide whether to stay with Kelli, or go with Jasmine.
Hastily, he explained to the police that the property belonged to someone who was out of town. The police officer demanded a name and contact number, then he instructed that no one was to leave the scene, nor was anyone else permitted to go back in the house. He called for back up units.
Local news vans began to arrive, but they weren't allowed on the property either.
I was beginning to feel as if I was in a nightmare, when I heard someone call my name. It was Missy Caldwell. I couldn't believe it! I hadn't seen her since high school graduation. She was waving at me from the other side of the fence. An officer was trying to get her to move back. She began yelling at him and she demanded to be let onto the property.
"My family owns this house!" She stated.
I ran over to the fence.

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