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Hey, welcome to the sisterhood! I'm Paige. :)

How this works is that you talk with other angels here and on twitter, go on Angel Missions in your city to give back if you want, and then some of the perks include exclusive access to the Angels section on here, buying exclusive stuff from the shop, presales for concert tickets and all that jazz.

I'm about to follow you right now. Feel free to follow back @paigejhannel. Also follow @treysangels, @officialangelnn and other angels for more fun! :D

Replied To: new bird . ()
On: Mar 04, 2012

Hayyyyy Nikki! Welcome to the sisterhood!

-This is Paige, btw. LOL

Replied To: New Angel, Whooot ()
On: Mar 04, 2012

I agree somewhat, but a full concert tour for just angels would be kinda mean towards the other fans, especially those who can't afford Angel Memberships. Instead, maybe he should do a free M&G for angels, an "unplugged" session or hell, maybe even a private tinychat with him or something.

On: Mar 04, 2012

That's true everyone can't afford to be an angel. He could have a few angel concerts in different regions.

On: Mar 04, 2012

I Understand what ur sayin love But i don't think trey will do tha a mean not everybody can afford to become angel while some may not be a die hearted fan but rep for him so to just have a angels concert i dont think it would be so much crowd then again u never know but trey just like to show erebody love angel or not

On: Mar 04, 2012

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