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yall still forgot Kenny and hope that crazy bitch die cause she is getting on my damn nerves

Replied To: The Stalker Diaries 2 (Forum topic)
On: Feb 23, 2012


On: Feb 23, 2012
On: Feb 23, 2012

Entry 78 cont'd
Eric stepped off of the elevator. He asked me where she was. I pointed down the long winding hallway in the direction from which we'd just come. To my surprise, Eric began to walk in that direction. He told us to take Trey downstairs. I didn't want to leave Trey, but I had to see what Eric was up to.
I gave Trey a quick kiss and told him that I'd be with him in a few minutes. I followed Eric down the hallway. When he saw Jasmine on the floor, he cursed again.
"Fuck, man! What the hell was she doing up here?" He asked.
I told him everything that had happened. Eric knelt down beside her and felt for her pulse.
"Yo, she's still alive." He said.
Eric pulled off his Tshirt. He began to rip it. He tied two strips together, then he wadded up the rest of it. He pressed the wadded up part to Jasmine's side, over the bloody wound. He used the other piece to tie around her like a belt. He made sure that it was tied tight enough and he slipped his arms underneath her nearly lifeless body. He picked her up as if she weighed nothing at all.
Jasmine's face was nestled into Eric's shoulder. She mumbled something.
"Yeah, I still can't stand you, but I'ma save your life anyway." He said as he carried her back to the elevator. I gave him a pat on his back as we descended.
Outside, an ambulance was parked in the driveway. One worker was talking to Kelli, while the other one was talking to Trey. He was wearing an oxygen mask. His vital signs were being checked.
Kelli was holding an ice pack on her temple. There was a reddish mark on her shoulder. She was telling the worker that she didn't want to go to the hospital.
Eric brought Jasmine right over to that worker.
"She needs to go to the hospital." He told her.
I walked over to Trey. He looked a little better. I told the worker that I wanted to ride with him to the hospital. His cousin wanted to ride too. I couldn't override family, so I told Trey that I would be right behind them in a cab.
I kissed his forehead.

Replied To: The Stalker Diaries 2 (Forum topic)
On: Feb 23, 2012

Entry 78 cont'd
I didn't know how sharp the piece of pottery was when I grabbed it, but it was sharp! I felt it sink into Jasmine's side. I saw the crazed look in her eyes slowly fade. Her legs buckled and she fell to the floor. When I pulled my hand back, it was covered with Jasmine's blood. I almost fainted from the sight of it. I had to shake my head for a few seconds. Jasmine was holding her side and moaning. I remember hoping that she wasn't going to die right there on the floor. I leaned over her to see if she was losing consciousness. Out of nowhere I felt a sharp pain in my shoulder.
Jasmine had used the same piece of pottery to stab me with. Her wounded cry sounded pitiful.
"Die, bitch!" she uttered and fell silent with her eyes closed.
Quickly, I wiped the piece of pottery off of me. My heart pounded as I moved backwards from her body. My vision got blurry and I think I must have been crying. It hadn't been my intention to kill her. I pulled myself together enough to go to Trey. He was conscious, but his eyes were rolling around in their sockets.
I rubbed his head and asked him if he was okay. He answered me in short gasps, but at least he was talking. He told me that he was feeling woozy and that he was starting to see giant insects crawling on the walls.
"Oh my gosh, I have to get you out of here!" I couldn't lift Trey and he tried his best to stand up with me, but I ended up having to leave him while I ran for help. I hollered for Charles and Eric to come and help me. Trey's cousin heard me and he came to help.
"What the hell - is she dead?" He asked when he saw Jasmine not too far away.
I just nodded. He gave me a long look but he didn't judge. He helped me get Trey on his feet and we walked him to the elevator. Eric stepped out when the door opened. He helped to get Trey into the elevator. Before the door could close, Trey's cousin mentioned that there was a dead girl down the hall.
"Who?" Eric asked.
"Jasmine." I replied.
"Aw shit." He said.

Replied To: The Stalker Diaries 2 (Forum topic)
On: Feb 23, 2012

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