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Welcome to the family!

Replied To: New Angel, Whooot ()
On: Mar 01, 2012

Hi Sade Young,

We apologize for this issue! With all merchandise inquiries, it is best to contact the webstore directly. Along with a description of your issue, please include the name and email you used to place the order and an invoice number if you received one.
Check the FAQs page to see if your question has already been answered: Contact the store directly by filling out this form:

Hope this helps!

Thanks, WebCrew

On: Mar 01, 2012
Replied To: Valentine's Day Contest Winner (Blog)
On: Mar 01, 2012
Replied To: Trey On the Air (Blog)
On: Mar 01, 2012

im late to replying but at the meet and greet for the anticipation 2our (at least in LA) they will let you go in the room with ur friend to meet trey, BUT if you go in together, you have to take a group picture together. not an individual picture. To get a picture of just you and trey, you have to go in by yourself. i went to the concert w/ my best friend and told her i wanted to meet trey alone. i wanted my own picture but also it makes your experience more one on one so youll talk to him. you wont be nervous youll be fine :)

as far as poses go, i asked to take a picture w/ my painting so he was holding that. then i asked if i could kiss him in the next picture and he was like ya! he put his arms around me. im sure you could ask him to kiss you or u kiss him or whatever pose, but if you dont ask anything then it seems he does the "arm over your shoulder and other hand in his pocket" pose. LOL. so it depends on you and your body language. remember hes just a normal person and gets nervous too!! so if you make him feel comfortable then youll like your pic more.

but i cant express how important it is u check ur pic!! SO many people took 1 pic and it was either blurry, too dark or weird looking poses. they dont have a professional photographer taking the pics so just make sure you check it :)

cant wait to hear your story!!

On: Mar 01, 2012

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