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Thank you again... i don't know what I'm going to do :(

On: Mar 03, 2012

Thank you so much KiKamiko... I emailed her and she didn't reply :(, i think she doest want anymore

On: Mar 03, 2012

Maybe she hasn't checked her email yet today, hopefully she will with in the next hour or so. I'm praying she will!! I'm still gonna check around for you.

On: Mar 03, 2012

Dag that's messed up. I saw this posted on the tour page, not sure if the lady was able to get the tickets she was looking for but hit her up, I hope this helps.

Here I copied the post she made:

(1 week ago)

kelly-hali's mama says

I am trying to buy vip package or reallly really good seats for trey songs concert in dc.. my daughters 18th bday present!!!!!!.willing to pay top

On: Mar 03, 2012
Replied To: Trey On Stage (Blog)
On: Mar 03, 2012

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