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She showered and they sat and ate breakfast on the patio of the top floor.
They got dress and she had the staff to prepare the stable for riding.
Tremaine did well in the beginning then hit Sasha just a little too hard and before she knew it, Tiffany was chasing him down and controlling both horses in the vineyard.
They laughed for hours about it. They went shopping on Rodeo Drive, in which he racked up a thirty thousand dollar bill in three shops.
She didn’t even blink when she swapped the card.
Tremaine was on cloud nine just the way she wanted him to be. Tiffany was in the stables brushing Betsy’s mane when Trey caressed her butt.
“I see something else has grown since high school.”
She smiled and grabbed his shaft and said I can say the same.
Trey kissed her softly and began to remove her tank top, he kissed her breast. She heavily breathed, “I must warn you, my stallions are in heat” His nude body already showed his next words to be true. “You have no idea how much your stallions is in heat.”
He pulled her to the ground and removed her stilettos one by one and then her leggings to find her secrets wet.

On: Feb 16, 2012

He removed them and placed two fingers inside and massaged her shoulders gently while his two index fingers massaged her G spot.
She closed her eyes and dug her nails deep into his shoulder as his fingers worked her into a climax and right in the mist of her release he entered her.
Tiffany had never experienced a multiple climax until now.
She had to tell herself she could do this, he broke her heart now it was time to return the favor.
His hands gently stroked her hair as he stroked her deeper and passionately. She opened her eyes to see Joseph standing there with pure rage.
“Tiffany what the fuck is this shit, I come home from trails and you fucking another nigga in the stables.”

On: Feb 16, 2012

Tremaine felt like he was in the twilight zone or something. “Tiff, all this was for revenge”
“Oh don’t give me that look, you think that you can leave me after giving you my virginity, not return one phone call, not answer one letter and ask that money hungry bitch to marry you and think I would take your ass back.
I just wanted you to know what it felt like to miss someone, love someone, desire someone, only to find that your second best.
She walked up to Joseph and kissed him and said this is the real stallion and his name is written all over this pussy. Joseph smacked her ass.
Tremaine was enraged and then he looked at Joseph and he realized Joseph truly loved her and said if this is what you want, I’m all for it. No disrespect Joseph, I didn’t know yawl were even together definitely not so deeply.
He gave Tiffany a look that made her heart drop; he picked up his clothes and said I’ll be leaving soon.
Tiffany slapped him, “No, get angry, fight, do something, don’t just walk away.”
“Tiffany while you’re so set on revenge you’re missing out on true love.”
She couldn’t believe it, he did it to her again, he broke her heart, it wasn’t supposed to be like this, he was suppose to be heartbroken, feel foolish, feel lost, no, no, no.
She watched the limo drive away in the rain. It never rains but when it does, it pours.
Joseph fucked her hard and strong like she loved, when he asked who pussy is this, she hesitated, Tremaine whispering “I missed you Tiff” as he stroked her into her first orgasm played in head.
She had come several times in life and climaxed during oral sex with Joseph but not once had she experienced an orgasm.
He nutted inside her kissed her lips, climbed off her and went to sleep.

On: Feb 16, 2012
On: Feb 16, 2012
On: Feb 16, 2012

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