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Trey already got permission to spend the night and he called his Mom to confirm she would pick him up and they would be studying all night.
Tremaine and Tiffany got no studying done.
They open the Algebra book and after two chapters fell asleep on her guest bed.
He woke up to her kissing him with very fresh breath and nothing but a t-shirt.
“Tiffany what are you doing”
“Kissing you”
“I know that you’re kissing me but why”
“Do you really want to know or do you want to continue kissing”
He flipped her on back and started French kissing.
Her hands touched his back like she was his dream lover.

On: Feb 16, 2012

s back like she was his dream lover.
She kissed him softer than before and began to percolate on him.
He couldn’t believe this, Jason was right, she did love him, he could tell, he had many kisses and this wasn’t lustful but sincere.
He pulled her hands above her head and gently touched her breast, she grasped.
He felt himself getting excited and said Jasmine is you sure you want to do this. He was slapped into reality.
“What the fuck did you just call me?”
He realized he called her Jasmine. She cut on her lamp, my name is Tiffany do you really want her that much. “Tiffany, I don’t know what made me say that.”
“I do”
“I’m sorry”
“Don’t be, thank you for showing me what I should have seen all along, I’m not want you want I’m the best friend, the third wheel. Thank you for being my prom date, I know now what to expect.”
Tiffany climbed in her bed silently shed tears and said goodnight.
Tremaine tried to hold her but she moved her shoulder away from his touch and whether than fight his feelings he went to sleep in the guest bed.

On: Feb 16, 2012

The next two months was pure torture for Tremaine he had to watch his best friend and woman he desire get touch and fondle by the same man and there was nothing he could do about it.
One woman felt like he had a chance and the other wouldn’t give the time of day. Finally prom night came.
He picked Tiffany up in a limousine, blue were the prom colors and Make it Last Forever was the theme.
Tiffany walked down the stairs in a blue knee length shoulder less gown that showed her figure and Tremaine reminisced about their kiss.
Tiffany and he took pictures and they danced only on fast songs.
Joseph danced with both Tiffany and Jasmine and Tremaine wanted to knock the hell out of him. Jasmine caught the jealousy and said to herself that this was too good to be true

On: Feb 16, 2012

“We’ve already been thru this Tremaine and after two years of fooling yourself with me, we know where your heart truly lies, she is very beautiful.”
“I know I saw her on the cover of Vogue last week in Japan.”
“I just wanted to stop by and say welcome home”
She kissed his cheek and hugged his mother on her way in the house and his mother way out on the deck. She hugged him from the side and said what’s wrong baby.
“She hates me Mom”
“I know that’s not true”
“Because she wouldn’t have sent this if she felt that way.” His mother opened a box to a diamond studded Rolex with a round trip ticket to Los Angeles.
Tremaine smiled, “when did she send this.”
“Two weeks ago, she’s been sending money for years but when I told her you got the Purple Heart and where coming home for good, she sent this.
“You didn’t tell me you kept in touch with Tiff”
“You didn’t ask, her mother and I were friends for years, how could you guess otherwise.

On: Feb 16, 2012

Joseph said no by doing this and kissed Tiffany right there on the dance floor.
She didn’t have time to react when Trey starting punching him to the ground, the football team came over and started pulling him off Joseph.
Jasmine smiled and said see what did I tell you, fifty bucks.
Tremaine looked at her and then Joseph and then Tiffany with embarrassment when he realize it was a set up.
He pulled himself away from the football players and went to the limo.
“You are such a bitch” Tiffany told Jasmine with an evil look
“Don’t worry about me being a bitch it gets me what I want, I suggest you figure out a way to get you want” turning her head towards Tremaine.
Tiffany went after him. He was moving fast, Tremaine she shouted. He didn’t stop; he didn’t even give the chauffeur time to get to the limo door.

On: Feb 16, 2012

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