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On: Feb 17, 2012
On: Feb 17, 2012
Replied To: Trey- Lounging Around (Blog)
On: Feb 17, 2012
Replied To: Trey- Lounging Around (Blog)
On: Feb 17, 2012

Entry 78 cont'd
Looking back, I can truly say that when I saw that snake heading straight for my baby all rational thought left my brain. If it hadn't been for Eric holding onto me so tightly, I probably would have jumped in front of the snake, just to distract it from Trey.
I yelled for Mel to catch the snake. Trey's best friend pushed Mel in the snake's path.
"Yo, chill!" Mel yelled.
The snake darted around Mel and to my utter amazement, it rolled itself up into a tight coil and just stayed still. It's head stood in an almost regal pose as it's neck raised slightly from the rest of it's body. The only movement from the snake was it's forked tongue that wiggled from it's mouth. It's cold eyes remained transfixed on Mel.
No one spoke. I guess we were all waiting to see if the snake was going to strike at Mel. It didn't.
Mel, who seemed undaunted by the whole ordeal just walked away from the staring snake.
Trey's cousin and Kenny's brother slowly backed their way off of the diving board ladder. Even though the snake wasn't facing them, they took no chances and slowly walked backwards across the lawn.
Eric pulled me towards the front of the house. Charles, armed with a long, thin, metal object, cautiously backed away from the snake too. Trey's best friend placed a hand across the small of Chrissy's back and gently ushered her back to the front of the house.
When we got back to the front, Kelli was standing in front of Trey with her arms outstretched. She was trying to get him to calm down.
Mel was walking back and forth, yelling obscenities at Trey. Kelli spun around and yelled back at Mel.
As we got closer, I could tell that Trey and Mel were about to fight. I broke away from Eric and ran up to Trey. I didn't want to touch him because he was pretty mad. He gently pushed me behind him and yelled that Mel had almost gotten me killed by the snake.
"Nobody told her ass to come up here!" Mel fired back.
Trey charged at Mel. Eric jumped in the way and tried to stop him.

Replied To: The Stalker Diaries 2 ()
On: Feb 17, 2012

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