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He opened the door and got in. Tiffany got in and told the limo driver to go to Lake Viewpoint. The ride was silent there. Tremaine stepped out first.
“Tremaine I swear I had no idea about this”
“I know”
“I would never intentionally hurt you”
“I know”
“I will miss you Tremaine but there is nothing to be upset about, you didn’t want me right”
He turned and kissed her “of course I want you but I knew that if we ever made love, it would have to be for more than a Summer fling I care too much about you.
For this reason, I can’t sleep with you.” Tremaine froze in midsentence. But let me give you something to remember me by. He kissed her and her entire body melted.
“Oh Tremaine, I love you”
“I love you too Tiff”

On: Feb 16, 2012

Tremaine walked into the Corporal office. He boldly accepted his purple heart and received his honorable discharge papers.
The salute came and his superior said he was proud of him and would miss him and asked would he reconsider retiring with the Marine Corp.
Tremaine shook his hand and said thank you sir but I miss my family too much and I’ve already received the highest honor.
Tremaine had two bullets wounds to remind him of his bravery by saving ten men lives in his platoon and making sure that they survived a surprise attack on a deserted island for four weeks with nothing but natural resources to survive on.

On: Feb 16, 2012

He was driven to Ranch in Pasadena and caught a glimpse of a beautifully shaped woman riding a stallion like a champion.
The driver stop grabbed his bags and he was approached by a butler. Monsuier Neverson
“She will be back from her ride in the vineyard momentarily, lunch has already been prepared.”
Tremaine was shown to the guest house and given a brief tour of the main house and then was given a tuxedo to change in later that evening.
He felt he was back in the mess hall he was only one man but it was enough food to feed his whole platoon he definitely will eat as much as he could.
He walked around the grounds when he couldn’t believe his eyes, the magazines did not do her justice, she was breathtaking even in her riding clothes and with the sun going down and her long beautiful hair blowing in the wind.

On: Feb 16, 2012

Tremaine opened the door at what he thought was too late to Surprise!
At ten o’clock at night his entire family and guests were shouting for he’s a jolly good fella and then she walked upfront with his favorite kind of cake saying Welcome home Major Neverson.
“Jasmine it’s good to see you”
“I wouldn’t miss this for the world”
The party continued he found himself searching the party for her but just like all the other visits before she wasn’t there.
Tremaine walked out on the patio and thought about Tiffany. He still remembered the look on her face when he said that he wasn’t willing to give thier relationship a chance he wanted the military not her. Jasmine came out on the patio.
“Tremaine, she will be back”
“What makes you think I’m thinking about her?”

On: Feb 16, 2012

Dorothy and Jason losing thier lives in the car accident made her stronger it seemed she misses you Tremaine. You can leave tomorrow if you would like but I’ll prefer Friday. He smiled and said whatever you want Mom.
Tremaine showed the ticket and pulled out his wallet to pay the change of date charge when the attendant said that it had been taken care of and have a safe flight.
She handed him directions. When he made it to the Los Angeles airport, he called the number given, twenty minutes later he was riding in the back of a limo.

On: Feb 16, 2012

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