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I had the cute emoji's on the pic but somehow they keep getting cut off..I'll try and figure it out cause I put work in when I put up a pic..anyway, TREY HAS ALWAYS BEEN FLY :-):-) #ALWAYSHAVEBEEN #ALWAYSWILLBE #:-):-)

On: May 28, 2015


Replied To: IT'S ABOUT YOU TREY! (Photo)
On: May 21, 2015

Hey trey, this seems to be the only way for me to say hi personally, so Hello!

Replied To: beautiful (Photo)
On: May 20, 2015

I adore this album my fav track at the mo has gotta be hard times. You never fail to put a smile on my face when listening to your music for that I appreciate. Thankyou x

Replied To: New Music: Intermisson I & II (Blog)
On: May 19, 2015

About you is cool track. Trey you just keep blessing us with your angelic sound. Thankyou for bringing your music to my ears! Much love. X

On: May 19, 2015

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