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wow so late because I never heard of that contest! lol

On: Nov 27, 2012

Congrats to all that won! Ladies make sure u look beautiful for ya boi. Enjoy it and pop a bottle for me cuz it's my bday on that day! Much love...

On: Nov 27, 2012

The tickets will be at "Will Call" (I think that was the only option) double check your receipt from AXS tho and it should tell you. I know my m&g tickets are at will call and u just have to go, show id and credit card and pick up the tickets

On: Nov 27, 2012

Hey :) I got my e-mail at 9:37 and I know a couple other girls got theirs a few minutes before me.

On: Nov 27, 2012

hey angels this will be email all send sumthink aks whare it is sorit it out
>> contact us at and we’ll help you sort it out.<<

On: Nov 27, 2012

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