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Jealous!! Lol. So sweet. I want a visit. Lol.

On: Jan 05, 2013

Wonder Woman is my favorite.. Even today. Trey has always been talented and gorgeous!

On: Jan 05, 2013

Alot of Trey's songs and videos make me extremely emotional. I cried like a baby watching Your Side Of The Bed. I cried during his New Years Eve Performance (long story)lol- and I was sad watching this. I felt that tightening in my stomach when something touches me. His music reaches people like no other. As much as we love him, one day someone will be lucky enough to have him and make him happy. We can't all have him at once, unfortunately lol. Still- this video makes me want to give him a huge hug.

On: Jan 05, 2013

I wish that girl was me on wendy show

On: Jan 05, 2013


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On: Jan 05, 2013

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