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“But I didn’t take any doe.” I pushed him but his shoulder only moved. He grabs my hand and pulls me into him and we both fall back on the bed. I end up falling on top of him on my back. Trey wraps his arms around me.
“See all I have to put up with from you?” I yelled.
“You see what I gotta put up with from you? Tryna beat a nigga up n’shit. You know you can trust me.”
“Maybe now!”
“Shhh…stop being so loud you gone wake Trejay up.”
“Nice try.”
“Look we not even gonna go there but fo’real he seem like a cool dude, but I’m still gonna keep my eyes on him while we here I‘ll tell you that much.” He still has my body in his grasp so I can’t get up.
“Trey he has a woman.”
“What dat mean?”
“Uh it means something to you don’t it?” He squeezes me tight.
“Yeah but he ain’t got my baby.” I blush like a school girl.
“He sounds like he’s very happily involved babe.”
“Well good for him because he damn sure ain‘t getting what I have.”
“Who said he had a chance to get me in the first place? My heart is spoken for forever.”
“It better be or we gone have some problems.” My blushing turns into a full fledge smile.
“I love how you can still get jealous over me.” He lifts his head so his cheek is to mine and speaks with our faces touching.
“Cause you my baby.” Then he quickly kissed my cheek. “I’ll kill a nigga for you.”
“Trey don’t talk like that.”
“Why? It‘s true.”
“Ok Trey lets talk about something else like how you need to get your sweaty behind in the shower.” I suddenly break from his grasp. Trey laughs.
“A’ight.” I started heading for the door.
“Shanell!” I stop in the doorway.
“What’s up babe?” Trey waived his finger for me to come to him. I came back and sat down beside him. He had a straight face looking away from me like something was heavily on his mind all of a sudden. Then he turned and faced me.
“You know this thing with El ain’t over right?”
“Trey look let’s not talk about that ok…”
“Talk to me Shanell. How you really feel about being here since we’re here now?"

On: Dec 18, 2012

CONGRATS!!!!!!! :)

On: Dec 18, 2012

congrats ladies

On: Dec 18, 2012

i'll go with you on Jan. 4

On: Dec 18, 2012

Congrats ladies... Tell Trey I Love Him!

On: Dec 18, 2012

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