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We are very happy to have you as a angel sisters!!! Welcome. .you love that you did it...

On: Dec 05, 2012

ikr @ spiritualangel. ppl always bring drama when it comes 2 those 2. smh. oh well. it's 1 hell of a story though lol. next part please

On: Dec 05, 2012

awwww. y'all r soooo sweet. i feel special after reading what y'all wrote. but ikr. yay trey!!! he's the best ever!!! and so r his angels and other fans :)

On: Dec 05, 2012

me 3. i'm sure everybody will have a good time though. 8:00 can't get here fast enough lol. enjoy ladies :)

On: Dec 05, 2012

in a few more hours we will all be in the building. yay!!!!

Replied To: NYC ()
On: Dec 05, 2012

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