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You are something else shuuuuu, I bet your mom didn't think she was bringing such a super being in this world the day you were born. it's all about faith and hard work. Proud of yol # SouthAfricanlove

Replied To: Essence Music Festival 2013 (Photo)
On: Aug 13, 2015

Has to be South African shores, please email me next time when are around....can show the real beauty of Africa.....

On: Aug 13, 2015

Thanks for giving us an awesome show Tremaine (Trigga) you really are a bullet, you made my women's day #Johannesburg.....though you didn't do much with the lady you called on stage this time around, there is always a next time....God Bless your soul...

Replied To: 1049410255935716816_13358278 (Photo)
On: Aug 13, 2015

Love you Trey.. :)

On: Aug 01, 2015

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