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On: Sep 01, 2014


Replied To: Just pulled up.... (Photo)
On: Sep 01, 2014

;) ahhh those eyes are dreamy!!!

Replied To: Do I look faded? (Photo)
On: Aug 31, 2014

Trey! Man when are going to get back to your true self and give us that good r&b like 'I Gotta Go',' Can't help But Wait', 'Neighbors Know My Name', 'Love Faces', 'Heart Attack' and those good crossover tunes like 'Bottoms Up', 'Say Ah', Lol 'Smiley Face', 'I Invented Sex' . Be yourself dude. If you are gonna sing about sex, do it in a classy way, the way you started out. Don't give in to the trend. I'm just saying.

Replied To: We Want to Hear from You! (Forum topic)
On: Aug 31, 2014


Replied To: Chillin...hungry...finna go eat (Photo)
On: Aug 31, 2014

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