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I am requesting that you , TREMAINE speak to your people in regards to this concert date. I just received notice that minneapolis 3/3/15 was canceled. WHY?? When your boy finished his service, friday 2/6/15. I took this date off work already, we (your fans) don't have it like that to where we can call the shots when it comes to certain finances and employment.

One really disappointed fan

On: Feb 09, 2015

Looks delicious

Replied To: #ClassicPlatePic (Photo)
On: Feb 08, 2015

Love this song alot.

Replied To: Slow Motion (Album)
On: Feb 08, 2015

Super cute idea!

Replied To: Join the Slow Motion Movement! (Blog)
On: Feb 06, 2015

7 outta 10 is my review. I'm gon need more love less THOT Trey...

On: Feb 06, 2015

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