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Just an FYI - ATL show doing VIP/M&G!!! $449.50 a piece

On: Oct 10, 2012

Dec 5th I'm in there with my Angel sisters Shary nd Chanel.... Whose going to the NYC show? Maybe we can all link up

On: Oct 10, 2012

Acolia I heard from a very reliable source that he actually has his first show in miami on the 15th they forgot to post it on the tour list. If you follow trey on twitter DM and he can confirm that. I got that info from an inside person on his team.

On: Oct 10, 2012

I voted and I am gonna vote again and again we got to help trey win come on trey's angels represent. Trey wont be at the award show though he has a show that night in Batone rouge lousiana. I would be his third show on the chapter five tour. So sad face for that but if he wins they definately will have a video message for him. Lets vote people.

On: Oct 10, 2012

just voted again..... :)

On: Oct 10, 2012

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