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It appears to every one the names Alyssa Nicole.I am A one and only,Im very different,ordinary,unique,sweet,and very caring.I love to have fun and be happy!! I love alot and fear none.I also have BIG dreams that i want to accomplish in my life and I want everyone to kno one of my biggest dreams in my life is to meet Tremaine Aldon Neverson(trey songz)..I belive in my heart it will come true one day(hopefully!!!!!!!!!!)He is a very talented,caring,respectful,sweet,intelligent, heartful,loyal,successful,and most of all handsome person on the planet..but I would do anything for him if i could and i will always love him no matter what whether its good,bad,or even terrible..its funny because i say i love him but i never meet him but i guess its just how he makes me feel through the words and vibe of his music.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![ i love you so much and if my dreams come to you would not know how much my life would change and im bein straight up..Im 100% sure] just watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!