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of course i would love to have sexy w/ trey. but there are limits always keep it classy neva go trashy not even over sum1 like him. i think being in relationship w/ him would hav its difficulties but he is genuine and respectful ( 95% of southern boys kno how to treat a lady). plus bein a sex symbol is only to sell his music nd to get money to support his fam. if u watched his show on BET he always kept his fam in his mind nd he spent his spare time w/ them. I SAID ALL OF THAT TO SAY EVRYTHING COMES WITH BAD AND GOOD THINGS BUT YPU HAVE TO BE THE JUDGE AND SEE IF ITS WORTH FIGHTING FOR :)

On: Apr 07, 2011

nothing to him she needs to stay away from him bcuz he is way to sexy to be seen with her

Replied To: trey and rhianna would be a good... (Forum topic)
On: Apr 07, 2011
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