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Angel Mackenzie


My Comments sweetie they're jus friends...a guy tht fine can have female friends tht attractive

On: Dec 03, 2010
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Angel Mackenzie
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fun loving and a saggitarius so i cant help it...dont let my smile fool u...there's a little bit of naughty and nice mixed in2 this body...i love to laugh and have a great time and i dont try to be any1 else but myself jus to get noticed...i live to plz myself and not others...i love singing its my passion and one day i'll make it...rite now my top priority is to get my business career going and taking care of my mom then focus on my passion...i do get upset and sometimes ignorant but its for the best and i mean no harm by wat i jus straight up like is tough and u gotta be tough in order to make an angel yes but dont let the little demon get out...*giggles
Antigua and Barbuda
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