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Thanks I have good news, I was able to get a ticket, not the VIP one but that's ok. As long as I get to see him I'm good. Thanks for writing : )

Replied To: So Upset Why Me : ( (Forum topic)
On: Nov 17, 2012

I am but they havent put up the tickets yet. I want to do VIP. Are they letting us buy 1 vip ticket or is it where u have to get 2?

On: Nov 02, 2012

Good, me too. I'm so excited. Are u from Dallas?

Replied To: Texas Angels! (Forum topic)
On: Oct 12, 2012

Dallas: ) I have another question. I just to long joined Treys Angels Club. The card the we got with the shirt. What can we use that for. Do we bring it with us to concerts?

Replied To: Texas Angels! (Forum topic)
On: Oct 12, 2012

Yea, are the ticket prices up yet. If so where do I go to buy them.

Replied To: Texas Angels! (Forum topic)
On: Oct 12, 2012
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