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ok update, I ordered the large and I got it the other day, fits perfect! Thanks Angels for all the help!

Replied To: Dolman sleeve sweatshirt (Forum topic)
On: Feb 19, 2012

Ok sounds good. I think I may try the large and see how that works.

Replied To: Dolman sleeve sweatshirt (Forum topic)
On: Feb 10, 2012

Ok I know sometimes a large fits like a smedium! (small medium) lol I'm kinda busty and I can't have the girls all smashed up and what not!

Replied To: Dolman sleeve sweatshirt (Forum topic)
On: Feb 09, 2012

Contact Ticketmaster. You should get them about 15 days or so before the concert. I know sometimes I have gotten mine well before that time when I have ordered. But call Ticketmaster's customer service number.

Replied To: Haven't got my tickets in the mail (Forum topic)
On: Feb 09, 2012

I was just coming in to check to see if it was only me that was having an issue logging into the Angel's site. I received an email today that my membership had expired, however I renewed a few days ago. Hope this problem will be fixed soon.

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