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Yes, I would most definitely buy the My Moment series on dvd and would be willing to spend up to $50.

On: Jul 25, 2011

I just voted. Thanks so much for providing the opportunity for our input:)

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On: Jul 13, 2011

I think your idea is a great one, too! It's a different twist on a virtual tour that I think would really help angels in their college selection process. Follow @oneshadowlove 's advice and hit up @College_Angels and @dc1aday so they help you spread the word. I'll tweet out the link, too and help get things rolling.

On: Jun 15, 2011

Michelle please let me know which scholarship you are trying to access and I will help.
Tweet me @angel_n_ur_eyez or respond to this comment.

On: Jun 14, 2011

Keep the comments coming angels! Your feedback is very important. Any questions or feedback - post here. Also hit me or @oneshadowlove up via twitter.

On: Jun 14, 2011
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yes please 8/6
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