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it would be florida cuz miami girls can go all night and get up tomorrow and do it again

On: Jan 02, 2010

if he kissed me i would kiss him back

On: Jan 02, 2010


Replied To: REP UR ZODIAC SIGN . <<GEMINI>> WOO HOOO (Forum topic)
On: Jan 02, 2010

the most? id have to say his confience. he EXUDES confidence and it shows in everything he does. other than that i would say his voice. even when he talks it just so sexy and smooth and i luv that ;) his voice to me is like syrup it just flows like that

Replied To: What attracts you to Trey the most ? (Forum topic)
On: Jan 02, 2010
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i luv trey songz! (add more l8r)