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i think him and his staff is playing with our emations. they know we are very impatient with this tour lol i always google his name to see any changes but no. i saw somebody wrote that he will next week so i hope he does. i want to see these prices and if he's gonna do the vip tickets. i havent been to a concert since scream tour (back when b2k was headlining ok) so uhh, i think i deserve it lol

Replied To: Any DC Angels here? ()
On: Oct 06, 2012

Hello ^_^ Im not from DC but Im from MD (Prince Georges). For some reason I gotta be specific when I say that.....anywho, my name is Ralynne by the way lol i wish he hurry and post the US dates so I can see when he coming to the Verizon Center. This wait is such a blow -__-

Replied To: Any DC Angels here? ()
On: Oct 06, 2012

Hello, I haven't heard nor read anything about the tour yet but I wish he hurry up and post something lol if you find out first let us know. I wonder how many Angels are in the D(M)V?!

On: Oct 02, 2012

Ralynne Simpson

On: Sep 24, 2012

At the end she names just about the rest of the songs lol but Angel4Trey, I commned you on your strength, power and motivation to keep going. For Trey to have this much of an impact on peoples lives really is simply amazing. I know God will get you through it all. Much luv from a new Angel :)

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On: Sep 24, 2012
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Hello fellow trey Angels!!!! My name is Ralynne (ray-lynn) from Maryland, I'm 24 years old and a graduate of Shaw University. Trey Songz is one of my favorite artist, Chris Brown being the other, and I love him just like yall do.
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