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Such a sweet video,Trey, that was shot in my hometown - Philly. Awesome! When did you shoot it? I just moved away from there at the end of August. If I knew you were coming there to make this vid, I would have put up with everyone's crap for a little bit longer before I blew that place, just to get a glimpse of you and your luscious self. I'm assuming that the plan to go there wasn't announced, or it would have looked like Woodstock at the bottom of the art museum steps. But see, me Trey, I would have known you were there because my elbows would have told me. They would have tingled just like they do when you login to TAN. Aaahhhhh...

Wow! This thing gives 2,000 characters and I could use every dang one and still wish I had more. But I'm going to reserve myself for now and just say that you have blown past all the other entertainers who I thought were my favorites. I am overwhelmed by you. Your voice, songwriting abilities, that face, that body, the way you dress, ohhh...Trey and I bet you smell divine. Mmmmm... Your beautiful personality and caring nature caps everything off perfectly.

The Angels are here holding things down for you. Have a fabulous time on the road. We miss you, Daddy.

~ Love from YOUR AngelSuPreme :* :* :*

On: Nov 22, 2012
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I'm a fun-loving gal who loves to laugh and make others laugh with me. I'm very nurturing, compassionate, and real touchy-feely. I can't help it. Puuurrrrr... I'm a planner by nature, but spontaneity is also a good friend of mine. Plain things drive me batty! Plain walls, plain food, plain people. Blah... Off with their heads! Although I can cry in an instant, I can also bring the hammer down on ya before you can wet your pants. "HA! Now go run home to mommy." I like to live my life with no regrets. I really take my time with the big decisions, but once my mind is made up...there's no turning back. No do-overs...and that's the way I like it. Oh that reminds me...I use ellipses a lot. "Say what?" These dots right here. Wait, here they come... Did you see 'em? Yeah, right there after the word, "come." I'm really goofy. I know it, but I really think it's part of how people stay young. Ice cream is my absolute favorite. I can and HAVE, eaten it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner...and of course for snacks and desserts too. Don't ask me my fave flavor, because I could never nail it down to just one. But I've cut waaaaay down on it, only because I should, not because I wanted to. I would kill an entire carton by myself in 2 days or less. However, these says, for the most part, I eat pretty healthy and get teased for the foods I choose. But then I think to myself, 'Hmmm... well I'm not the one bustin' my zippers. So yeah...I think I'll keep doin' what I'm doin'." I'm a research junkie when it comes to something I want to know more about. It's how I started making homemade, all natural skin and haircare products. My goal is to have a virtually chemical free home. I'm getting there. I've made many luxurious skin creams and oil blends. If I had the aspirations to open by own spa/retreat, I would have I sweet little arsenal of natural and organic goodness to pamper my guests with. Right now, I'm the only one benefitting from them, but I really do enjoy giving treatments of all sorts and full body massages to anyone who is close to me. Most of my time is spent alone, working from home. I own a graphics design business called, "Versaristic Concepts." Both my personal and business slogans are the same…"A Mind Void of the Ordinary ™." Which means that my mind was thinking outside of the box, before there was a box. I don't do cookie-cutter work, so I don't take on drab, mundane jobs. I can do 'simplicity,' but I do 'simplicity' with style. I'm happiest when I can go ape sh*t on a project, because that's when I can really show what I'm capable of and amaze people. I create logos, business card designs and many other branding materials, depending on my client's needs. I've done some work for a fashion designer and some for a book publishing company, but I mostly work with the music industry and it's where I have the most fun and design flexibility. I do everything from complete CD packaging, which includes the covers, inlay, insert, and the CD label, plus posters, T-shirt designs and other promo and apparel designs, press packets, designs for VIP passes, tickets, websites, youtube channels, online banners and ads, email responders, and photo enhancements, manipulations, and restorations. Oh gosh and sooooo…much more. If I can design it, I'll do it…that's pretty much it in a nutshell. I'm a born artist and have worked my magic in many mediums. I worked my way up from crayons, paint-by-numbers, and play-doh sculpting, as a kid, to drawing with artist pencils, charcoal, fine liner pens, and oil pastels, and painting in mostly acrylics and water colors. In my adult years, I've done a fair amount of sculpting miniatures from paper-based clay, scrapbooking, and cake decorating. I can decorate cakes like those you see on shows like "Ace of Cakes" and "Cake Boss." I even had the esteemed privilege of decorating a birthday cake, shaped like a grand piano with roses laying on the top and a few over the keys for Mr. Marvin Hamlisch, the American composer and conductor. In case his name isn't quite familiar to some of you, he composed the musical, "A Chorus Line," and wrote the song, "The Way We Were," and wrote musical scores for both "Ordinary People" and "Sophie's Choice," among many other memorable works. Sadly, Mr. Hamlisch passed away this August, but he leaves behind a legacy to last lifetimes and it was an absolute honor to have met him briefly and to have made him a cake of my own design, that he loved so much. So anyway, I do massive amounts of computer aided designing. I have dozens of programs that I haven't even cracked open yet. Thankfully, work has been so steady, but the downside, is that I still don't have my own site completed yet. A web designer, who doesn't have a website. Haha. That's crazy. But work started coming before I officially launched my business. Actually the work, pretty much birthed my business. So now I'm working on completing my website in between client projects. Even before all of this work, I was busy designing houses, home interiors, lighting, and fountains. When I have free time, which is rare, I love to trick out luxury cars on my computer, by adding my own custom created features inside and out, and then throw on some hot custom Asanti, Lexani, or Forgiato wheels to top them off. I even design luxury car emblems and hood ornaments. Someday, Lord willing, I'll be able to custom build my own cars. I already have plans for 27. LMAO!!! They will all carry my own branding logos and names. They won't be for sale of course. All mine. :D But I'm sure I would help design other people's vehicles. I don't get into the mechanical end, that would bore me, but styling, color palettes, textures, fabrics, skins, woods, metals, and overall esthetics, and comfort…oh yeah…that's me all the way. I have a tendency to get really obsessive about what I'm into at the time. Hence the 27 vehicles waiting to be built. Haha. I'm like that with my music too. I can't imagine life without it. I will dog the tar out of a song or certain parts of a song, by just looping like a madwoman. I do that every single day with Trey's songs. I don't mean 5 or 10 times…I'm talking replaying the same part dozens of times in a row. In fact, I've been known to play only song and let it loop for the entire day and well into the night and even overnight. I'm pretty sure this isn't normal behavior. Lol. But this is me. It's a wonder I get any work done. Sometimes, I forget that I haven't eaten because I'm too busy being wooed by Trey's incredibly sexy and versatile voice. He is so in control of it, that there is nothing that he can't do with it. I've never heard anyone like him before who can do sooo much with a voice. I'm amazed each and every day. So yeah…I'm the obsessive person who goes out to buy a pair of sneakers and comes home with 5 pairs of sneakers. Yeah. SMH. I really did that and the stories get worse, believe me. Lol. Another passion of mine is songwriting, which blossomed out of the love I have for creative writing, which like art and design, has been a long time part of me. I've never just sat down and said, I'm going to write a song today. They just come to me whenever and wherever. My iPhone must be with me at all times. Even next to me in the bed. Lol. I have many sleepy recordings of myself, humming a melody into my phone in the wee hours or as soon as my eyes open in the morning. Groggy, voice crackling, but I get 'em. I'll hum or sing into my phone just long enough, to give myself a clear idea of what I'll be working with once I'm coherent. Lol. In fact, I don't even close my recording app, just so that I can shave off a few seconds in those rush moments when I need to get my tunes or lyrics down, before they float away. Lately, the Lord, who I give all the glory to for all of my talents, abilities, and personal attributes, has been dropping songs on my head like crazy. In fact, recently, he blessed me with 33 new songs in just 13 days. I never know what I'm going to get, I just work with it. Usually it's the melody that he sends to me first. Once I start to develop the song, the storyline and genre become clearer. Currently, I have mostly R&B and pop songs, but I also have a male lead country song, and a few bluesy numbers and one or two songs with some old time funk kickin' up in there, with some bass slappin' and all that good stuff. So there's a great mix of dance songs, head-nodders, happy love songs, sad love songs, and downright, oh shizz…I'm gonna need to wring out my panties and can I borrow a ShopVac kinda NASTY songs…Trey would be so proud. Lol. :P But that's just me. It's how my brain works. It goes in many different directions and I love that. Although, at times, it can be tricky to concentrate on one thing, when so many ideas and projects are hungry for my attention. I do my best to spread it around. So anyway, I strive to always have faith no matter what the situation... I'm often too analytical for my own good... I seldom keep to a schedule... I've never heard a Trey Songz song that I didn't like . Haha. I'll admit, when thinking of this last line, I would always think of Alice in Chains as being the one musical act who I've never heard a song by, that I didn't like. That still holds true of course. But Trey has def stolen their spotlight in my book. Two completely different worlds as far as musical styles, but considering how many songs of theirs that I've heard and all the ones that I've heard by Trey, he rules, by sheer numbers. So most women, I love clothes. However, I don't like wearing them all that much. I don't like being constricted and things riding up on me or twisting around me. Straightenin', tuggin', pullin'... Ehhh... Aside from people who don't want to get arrested for indecent exposure...who needs 'em? Shoes and boots (stiletto thigh-highs, especially), I love, love, love and I have an affinity for Marino Orlandi handbags. I'm currently up to 14. It's been a slow year. Haha. I love good food, good music, a good movie, a good book, and good company. I believe in telling those you love, that you love them and telling them often. They don't have to be family or your significant other. Tell your friends too. Sometimes knowing is not enough, people need to hear those words, because they can be so uplifting, reassuring, and even healing. Alrighty…it is 5:30AM and I haven't gone to bed yet, so I'm going to do that, before the daylight hits my eyelids and keeps me from sleeping. Surely there are some typos in here somewhere, but please forgive me. When I find them later in the day, I'll be really agitated, but at least I can go back and edit this, when I can see and think more clearly. I'll tackle the other profile areas as soon as I can. Baby, needs some sleep.
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