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Replied To: Trey's Next Single Announced! (Blog)
On: Jan 26, 2010

ummmm i have hella stories but my first Trey day was one of my to sit and talk to him at this bowling party in Philly in June of 07. He was so sweet very attentive and appreciative(I gave him a gift and he loved it) and he just made me feel very special...been goin hard for him ever since!

Replied To: Tell The Story of How You Met Trey Songz (Forum topic)
On: Aug 11, 2009


On: Aug 06, 2009

where did u find this list? sounds official!

Replied To: READY SONGLIST (Forum topic)
On: Aug 05, 2009

I have been on tsmb since 2007 and I didn't stop participating even when twitter started becoming popular. I may not have posted as much as b4 b/c there may not have been anything to reply to but I still remained active to this day. I agree with you this board is impersonal b/c of the layout. Too much going on and you aren't able to post html links so there are no siggies. A lot of people have told me the reason that they don't post on tsmb is b/c they feel as if they will be attacked if they say something negative especially regarding Trey's personal life. I feel that tsmb is different from other boards b/c Trey, his mom and other people close to him read what we say. Since that is the case I feel that some things shouldn't be discussed in detail but that is just my opinion. Doesn't matter when or how you became a fan as long as you support Trey and his music there shouldn't be an issue! Hopefully tsmb doesn't fade into the background and that members can join there and on!

Replied To: vs TSMB (Forum topic)
On: Jul 31, 2009
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