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it would have to be my first Trey day in philly in June of 2007 at this bowling party he there at like 11 Trey didn't come til like 2 and he performed on a table and i was directly in front of him so I got hella pics..I hit the promoter up earlier that week and hit him up again telling him that I wanted 2 meet Trey came all the way from jersey and all of that and he said he would see what he could do. he ended up comin through for me and took me to meet Trey. Trey being the sweetie that he is told me to sit down and we talked and took pics and he loved his gifts..I was with him for about 15 mins but he made me feel so special and that is one of my fave Trey moments!

On: Jul 27, 2009

oh yea Hey Shae!!!!

On: Jul 26, 2009

yeah its gonna take some getting used to but I love the layout of the site...its about time they upgraded it lol

On: Jul 26, 2009

yeah she was on here she's tryna figure the site out but she loves the layout!!!

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On: Jul 25, 2009

well he is obviously very good looking but the most attractive quality in my opinion is how humble and giving he is. He always shows his fans love and takes the time out to talk,take pics give hugs and kisses many people when they get to a certain point in their careers forget about who brought them there but he lets us know that he goes hard for us like we do for him everyday whether it be on twitter, myspace, ustream chats, songs all of that. That quality in a person is hard to come by and especially in a celebrity. That is why we go so hard for him because he is a great artist and human being!

Sorry I go into my Trey rants from time to time don't mind me!

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On: Jul 24, 2009
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