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sorry its so long
and the only thing is before trey angels as its quite a new thing
people were still able to meet trey thur cd signings etc
and it seemed that so many people really did
:-( wish we were able to just have a lil of this
i think if there was nooooooo trey angel stuff would get even less of a chance in the uk
we havent had anything yet as uk angels
but love the whole trey family whether they are an angel or not

Replied To: UK ANGELS IN DISTRESS (Forum topic)
On: Mar 14, 2011

but just 6 months ago the website was for everyone these post are a new thing
i just wanna know how would you suggest they set up the fan club
coz the whole point of it is to afford certain people certain things and these things are only there because we paid for them. its a customer service things
but when trey has cd signing and things like that aren't they opened to everyone
what would you want trey to offer you
the only thing is i dont see how trey angels is different from another fan club in the sense that fans gets 1st offers of tickets etc
its like having a black card you get certain things that you don't get with a normal card
i would think if anyone wanted the same opportunities as an angel they would join the fan club
if to stop segregation wat would you suggest
if everyone was to get the same thing i dunno for one i think less people would get things in general. the fan club also allows certain things and with a lesser number of people trying to get them.
i guess the only reason i feel like this is one because we live in the uk we get less opportunities in general and i paid for certain opportunities which i'm not even getting now maybe i need to read the small print of becoming n angel
but still love trey and support him and realise he's only one person
and still cant wait for both dates in april it would be nice to meet this wonderful man or of gotten pre sale tickets because lots of angels didnt get tickets but oh well dats past
can i just ask why dont you wanna be an angel
and why you want to have the same opportunity is it because you believe you can be a super big fan without being an angel because i dont disagree with it at all
and i dont think angels go around thinking they are better then anyone else
plus to me now it doesnt just feel like a fan club who get certain things but its a family and i've met some of the best people thur this
and even if its not by treys hand man i want radio contest or anything loool

Replied To: UK ANGELS IN DISTRESS (Forum topic)
On: Mar 14, 2011

@Essence711 such a good answer bout the fans etc

Replied To: How much would you accept from Trey (Forum topic)
On: Mar 14, 2011

depends how i meet him if i'm randomly walking down the street and i saw him i would prob act very different if i knew i would meet him at a meet and greet
i would be me i guess the only reason i say this is because where i work basically the whole eastenders cast come into the shop and i have to serve dem etc and i've been fine even though i kinda wanna be like ha ha ha i was watching you last week
bt den again dats just show on tv and this is TREY
i think i wouldn't stop laughing

Replied To: If you have or not have met Trey (Forum topic)
On: Mar 12, 2011

can't wait for april and any angel surprises and to meet everyone

Replied To: UK ANGELS IN DISTRESS (Forum topic)
On: Mar 12, 2011
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