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Replied To: LIFE & MUSIC (Blog)
On: Mar 06, 2011

there is a uk division of atlantic records yes
it would be wonderful if we could get some UK angels involved in running the europe/uk division of trey angels
because he has a seperate team for the angels it would be wonderful if we could have one person in UK to make sure we got emails or negotiate pre sale etc, there are lots of angels with different talents so are even doing degrees in event management etc (its not me) and not only would be be good experience but we could work together to make him more worldwide and running different divisions
this was just a rough idea i had in my head i was putting forth a business plan lol
i would personally love this and would volunteer hours towards this

Replied To: UK ANGELS IN DISTRESS (Forum topic)
On: Mar 05, 2011

also i feel so bad and rude by even thinking this
but it's kinda like i know all trey fans are angels
but its like there are different kind of angels
does it make sense
like we're all official members of the fan club we paid for membership etc
i'm not saying if your not part of the fan club your not true fans etc
bt we joined specially not just coz we love trey but we wanted to get advantages over everyone else
i feel like i'm being rude and i hope no one takes offence by that but yea
so i really hope something happens for trey's angels and i can use my angel card to bring it out and be like bam loool

Replied To: UK Fan date - 5th April (Forum topic)
On: Mar 05, 2011

i think he say he appreciates us and added a date i LOVED IT wen i say it was like awwwwww
i got tickets to both dates so i'll let you know if anything different happens on the 5th without giving too much away

Replied To: UK Fan date - 5th April (Forum topic)
On: Mar 05, 2011
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I'm a very proud London angel and my ANN is Cosmopolitan Angel. Apparently i'm very funny, I don't know where people got this idea from lol. I've been lucky enough to go to four of his concerts and also have met him. Ilove taking pictures and making video especially those to share with other fans. I've just finished posting more pics and videos from them so go take a look i'm sure you'll melt love to help and love my angels sisters (thats everyone none of this paid etc stuff) so if i can help i will or do whatever in my power. i'm 22 and a graduate. hope you enjoy hope you enjoy xx
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