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no for june last year when it was in the indigo
it was wicked no queuing private bar
i dont think hammersmith do vip seats
i wonder who will be trey's opening act and whether he will bring ppl on stage like a surprise artist
i think they should if they were able to change it to seating the whole place also because alot of younger people will be in attendance and i went to drake in the hammersmith and the standing looked crazy
i love trey but i was thinking bout my safety and how long i could stand for and be pushed about and see hn how likely is it your dat girl he chooses

Replied To: UK Angels Want Extra Dates (Forum topic)
On: Mar 03, 2011

awwwwwww thanks darling
yep hard work does pay off
just wanna make sure he knows its through love and it was the only way we could think to get notice and we are happy that he's eve doing concerts here coz he doesnt get to visit every country

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On: Mar 03, 2011

woow the o2 arena is big he dont even do arena is us
i want him to be able to sell out every where though
for june i got vip seats i couldnt do standing it was wicked i by past the queue
but yea if only they could change the london one again

Replied To: UK Angels Want Extra Dates (Forum topic)
On: Mar 03, 2011

yea i thought we would of got pre sale or it would of been on this site even that he's coming back and its not
i wish the whole place was seating instead of standing and seating
oh well
bt i have faith in the angels and trey about april and wats going to happen for us

Replied To: UK Angels Want Extra Dates (Forum topic)
On: Mar 03, 2011

and i actually feel bad like i only joined to get free stuff and demand things
i just hope that it doesn't across this way
joined because LOVE LOVE LOVE TREY and make my family and friends sick with how much i talk bout him
was like a 13 year old girl again like mummy you know he does this in his community
he was raised by woman that's why he loves his mum and aunties and grandmas so much
and they like anne shut up lool
and its so nice to be part of this family just wanna holla a lil bout how we are part of the family even if we are the cousins from across the pond you only see once a year lool

Replied To: UK ANGELS IN DISTRESS (Forum topic)
On: Mar 03, 2011
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