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sorry dalring couldn't find your twitter
and yep there's quite a few of us i love all the uk angels and us angels i was able to meet last week at our angel mission and the concert
it was literally seeing people with t shirts and being like hey ur an angel too loool
i really hope they do something too

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On: Mar 03, 2011

I really hope with this new concert we will be able to use our angel cards for something :-) ;-)
and also alot of young angels can't go to the clubs and we don't want them to think getting fake id is the way lol
one angel couldnt come to his show and i was like why don't you just travel to london and she said she was 16 and i was like.................. oh
can't help but wait for april though

but we do love that trey kept shouting out UK angels and all the love we've received from him this week

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On: Mar 03, 2011
Replied To: UK Angels M&G for show in april (Forum topic)
On: Mar 03, 2011

not only that i know lots of people met him in club's
but what about our younger angels a lot are like 15/16

Replied To: UK Angels M&G for show in april (Forum topic)
On: Mar 03, 2011

i brought lots of tickets with ticketmaster trey songz,usher,rihanna and drake
and i've brought hammersmith apollo and i still didnt get pre sale tickets
what i wanna know and i'm wondering is why was there no angel pre sale tickets or anything like us angels get
also i wish they did the whole place seating as they could get that lay out rather than standing
i hope trey gets a sold out tour to prove to the uk and also drake sold out there and we need trey too
more publicity

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On: Mar 02, 2011
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I'm a very proud London angel and my ANN is Cosmopolitan Angel. Apparently i'm very funny, I don't know where people got this idea from lol. I've been lucky enough to go to four of his concerts and also have met him. Ilove taking pictures and making video especially those to share with other fans. I've just finished posting more pics and videos from them so go take a look i'm sure you'll melt love to help and love my angels sisters (thats everyone none of this paid etc stuff) so if i can help i will or do whatever in my power. i'm 22 and a graduate. hope you enjoy hope you enjoy xx
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